• Textiles


    From winding technology to wet finishing, inspection and processing: Our machines are characterized by their compact construction, high dependability, operating safety and most of all by economic and energy efficiency. Please find selected projects concerning textile finishing on the following page.read more...

    Projects Textiles

  • Technical Textiles

    Technical Textiles

    Manufacturing premium-quality technical textiles creates high demands on process technology and precision of machines. With Menzel-machines airbags, billboards and geogrids as well as PTFE-diaphragms are precisely coated and laminated. Please inform yourself about selected projects.read more...

    Projects Technical Textiles

  • Nonwovens


    Permanent innovation and highest quality awareness make Menzel the ideal partner for challenging technical solutions for winding, processing and finishing of nonwovens. Learn more about a few of our nonwoven-projects.read more...

    Projects Nonwovens

  • Film


    Innovative machine manufacturing for converting and finishing film is a task which Menzel consequently pursuits for decades. With our customers we have realized numerous ranges for winding, laminating, coating and impregnating. Inform yourself about selected projects concerning film.read more...

    Projects Film

  • Energy


    For producers of energy technique we develop and supply ranges for automated winding of Condenser Bushings. Furthermore, special machines for coating glass fabrics and insulation materials are included in our range of products. Please find information about selected projects concerning the field of energy.read more...

    Projects Energy

  • Custom-Made Machinery

    Custom-Made Machinery

    Our competence in the field of custom-made machines is based on decades of experience. In cooperation with our customers we have developed new processes and machine technologies which led to the manufacturing of dependable and efficient ranges. Our ultimate goal is to reach your requirements as close as possible.read more...

    Projects Custom-Made Machinery

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