Coating machines for technical textiles

Technical textiles - market of the future: Worldwide, Menzel coating lines are coating geotextiles, airbags, tent tarpaulins, truck tarpaulins, banner materials, architectural membranes, bitumen-based self-adhesive membranes and a wide variety of special technical textiles as well as films and nonwovens.

As online coating units, our coating machines are used right behind the weaving machine or Raschel machine whereas offline coating units are combines with unwinders and winders. The coating technology and the dryer design are adapted to the respective product and process requirements.

We develop and build our coating units with a constant eye on individual customer requirements and ideas. We offer coating by dipping process or coating process. In addition, the customer can choose between a vertical and a horizontal design. Our coating machines are available from simple, manually operated systems to fully automatic systems.

Of course, we also develop and produce coating systems in explosion-proof design for processing chemicals containing solvents.

Flexible drying zones and optional application systems also make it possible to coat lightweight mesh structures such as fly screens or roofing membranes.

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