Winding Machine for High-Voltage Condenser Bushings

High-voltage bushings are an important component of the energy infrastructure. Especially against the background of longer transmission paths and higher voltages the demands on bushings are increasing. By now the voltage range for bushings is up to 1100 kV.

For an Asian customer Menzel designed a winder for automatic winding of RIP-bushings. Bushings up to a length of 12 m can be produced on this specific range.

Coating Units for Electronic Laminates

The rapid development of electronic engineering leads to constantly increasing demands on the correct operation and efficiency of basic materials.

For an internationally operating manufacturer of isolation materials for high voltage applications Menzel designed a range for the impregnation of different carrier materials such as glass fabrics or paper with resins. The production range is designed for operation with coating substances containing dissolvers.

Besides impregnating the basic substrate additional materials are laminated on this machine.

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