Reliable Sealing of Dumping Grounds – Winding Technology for Dumping Ground Film Up to a Width of 8 m

For continuous winding this winder is implemented right behind the extruder via cloth depot and longitudinal cutting device. The HDPE dumping ground film of up to a width of 8 m and a thickness of 3 mm gets automatically attached to an unprepared cardboard tube via special clamping system.

The web is as automatically ejected and cross-cut as the new cardboard tube is fed to the winder. Double sided edge trim with special heated blades as well as the edge trim crushing and one-sided disposal are also integrated in the range.

New for Old - Upgrade of a Slitter Winder

A new challenge was the complete replacement of the unwinding station and the integration of a new push off unit in an aged slitter winder. We focused on ergonomic aspects to optimize the usability and on the shortest possible set-up time. The power transmission engineering of the cutting and re-rolling device was realized with energy-efficient frequency-controlled drives. In close cooperation with VPF in Sprockhövel we turned a technologically antiquated machine into an efficient range with high value added.


Focus on Hygiene - Big Batch Winder for Thermo Forming Foil

When it comes to food packaging additional attention has to be paid to hygienic rules and regulations. For a manufacturer of food packaging Menzel supplied a big batch winder for thermo forming foil. We focused on sticking to the corresponding hygiene standards in the food industry at all times throughout the project. As a result, the range is designed for a production speed up to 60 m/min, foil width of 1200 mm and a roll diameter of 1200 mm.


Film for the Largest Traffic Tube of the World - Winder for Tunnel Film

With 57 kilometers the Gotthard Base Tunnel is the largest traffic tube of the world - a record-project for Switzerland and Europe.

To seal the tunnel wall a special film made by a Swiss manufacturer got inserted. In cooperation with this company Menzel designed and supplied a fully automatic big batching device for the sealing film and another special unit for the tunnel project.

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