Projects Medical Engineering & Sanitary Products

Menzel is a reliable partner for the realization of demanding projects in the medical sector. Our range includes rewinding and cutting lines of protective clothing materials, coating lines for membrane production, membrane drawing lines for biotechnology and filtration. Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we developed a portfolio of hand disinfection machines. With our partner company, we are the world's leading manufacturer of equipment for computer tomography examinations in veterinary medicine.

Large roll unwinder for sanitary products (nonwoven) 1000 m/min

Together with a German manufacturer of airlaid material, Menzel developed and realized a large roll unwinder with loading system as well as the subsequent customization. The large rolls of delicate material with a maximum diameter of 2600 mm are unwound at a speed of up to 1000 m/min. After the successful test phase at the German plant further systems were installed at the Canadian site.

Computed tomography in veterinary medicine

In cooperation with the company Vet-Dicon we developed a system for computed tomography examination of horses and small animals. The special feature of this CT system is that the animals to be examined can be examined both during an operation in narcosis and standing freely without narcosis. In particular, the examination of the standing horse allows a wide range of applications. Our customer's systems are used worldwide in renowned private clinics and universities.

Automatic hand sanitizer dispenser

Hygienic hand disinfection with contactless hand disinfection machines prevents spreading viruses and bacteria. In the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we developed contactless hand disinfection machines for the best possible hand disinfection.

The user holds their hands under a sensor and without having to touch anything, the hand sanitizer is automatically sprayed on their hands. Thanks to robust technology, our solid disinfection devices are designed for high visitor frequencies and reliable continuous operation. Typical areas of application are entrances of stores, restaurants, clubs and factories.

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