Unwinder for Big Rolls of Hygiene Nonwovens 1000 m/min

In cooperation with a German manufacturer of airlaid material, Menzel designed and manufactured an unwinder for big rolls with loading system and the following make up section. The delicate big rolls with a maximum diameter of 2600 mm are unwound with a speed of up to 1000 m/min. After successfully testing the range at our customers base in Germany further machines were installed in Canada.

Automatic Winder for Geo-nonwovens

Geo-nonwovens are an established part of modern building technology. Nonwovens are used for building roads and railways to reinforce, drain, filter, separate and as an erosion protection. In agricultural applications e.g., geo-nonwovens are used as large-area coverings for the harvest of turnips as well as other field crops.

Menzel's fully automatic rising roll batcher was delivered to an Austrian customer and is designed for a width of 5.600 mm and a production speed of up to 80 m/min. The reels with a diameter of 600 mm can optionally be cut or wound in narrow widths lanes.

According to the thickness of the material the cycle time amounts 1 - 3 min per roll. Furthermore, the process control facilitates guarantee high flexibility even when the product is changed. The achievable high efficiency is determined by the upstream extruder range for the spunbound nonstop operation.

Protection to Achieve Extensive Growth

Coverings for hotbeds are used to protect delicate plants. For a manufacturer of such coverings Menzel produced an automatic turret winder to reliably wind doubling-nonwovens.

To ensure a continuous production of the preceding installation, a turret winder was chosen. The material gets automatically – orthogonally to the multiple-folded web – individually attached to unprepared cardboard tubes. An accumulator is not required. 

The rolls are automatically pushed off the winding shaft and transferred to packaging via a floor-borne vehicle. Due to the one-sided implemented winding shafts complex handling is a thing of the past.

Safe Junctions for Breathable Roofs

In the last 30 years roofs had to meet changing sorts of demands and therefore had to develop from simple protection shields to complex building constructions. Breathable roofing underlays which are used in these constructions have to be water-proof from the outer face, but also permeable for water vapor from the inner face. Furthermore, the material is exposed to complex weather conditions.

For a German manufacturer Menzel designed and actualized a range for hot lamination of roofing underlays. On this machine nonwovens and plastic films are laminated to become roofing underlays.


Slitter Rewinder for Nonwovens

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