Glass Scrim Fabric for Russia

Even in the Alabuga area, a Russian special economic zone Menzel machines are used. In this special case we realized an impregnating unit to produce glass scrim fabric for plaster reinforcement. After coating and printing the Jumbo rolls are converted to roulettes ready for sale using Menzel re-rolling units.


Tents for Mekka

For a customer in Saudi Arabia Menzel designed and supplied a range for coating glass fiber with PTFE. Initially, the fire proof tarpaulins were coated on this range. In the meantime other products like roof diaphragms and material for billboards are produced as well.


Solid Ground in Stormy Times - Geotextiles in Russia

Approximately 17.000 km of highway and 70 airports are scheduled to be built by Russia alone.  Such an expansion of the infrastructure can only be managed with an efficient building technology - especially by using state-of-the-art materials like geotextiles.

Geotextiles, especially Geogrids, are preferred in the field of road building. Shored under the asphalt covering they stabilize the whole construction and absorb the forces of the surface. Other advantages are that the construction time can be reduced by 30 %, 40 % of the building material like gravel can be saved and the durability is raised even regarding the extreme variations in temperature in Siberia. Lately, Geogrids are also used as reinforcements whilst building bridges and tunnels and stabilizing acclivities and escarpments. 

Menzel has been supplying coating units in on- or offline procedures for this rapidly increasing market for years. We manufacture machines up to a width of 6.400 mm und offer high flexibility in order to fulfill the demands of the market.

Re-rolling Device for Delicate Technical Textiles

Before it gets pretreated, quality material has to proof that it fulfills the basic criteria. Hence, the intake inspection is indispensable to achieve an impeccable product. With our range we provide the technological prerequisite to successfully master this challenge.

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