Prime Quality for International Labels - Wet Finishing in India

Textile companies belonging to top quality manufacturers have to fulfill high standards in terms of consistent quality. An Indian based manufacturer from Tarapur who supplies his products to numerous international top labels meets these criteria.

In a first project at his existing factory, Menzel realized a bleaching unit, a washing machine and a roller-mercerizing-unit for this ambitious customer. Convinced of the quality of the Menzel-machines and the excellent service we also supplied the finishing units for a new factory. For this project Menzel supplied a two-stage bleaching unit, a washing unit and a dyeing unit.


Menzel OPTISPLASH - Highly Efficient Washing Unit for Delicate Fabrics

Market demand for the treatment of knitted goods constantly pushes development towards high-capacity units. Against this background the project with a notable manufacturer of knitted goods in Turkey emerged.

In this case, the patented washing system of the Menzel-Supersplash was combined with an additional treatment zone consisting of washing drum and liquor backfill. Hence, the new machine combines two washing systems and therefore constitutes a highly efficient unit. While developing this machine the program for the treatment of knitted goods was completed by the corresponding steps in the process of retention and steaming.

With this new technology more compact ranges or a higher production output are at the user's availability. This is a fine example showing how a successful cooperation between end user and plant manufacturer can look like.

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