Engineering winding machines for a wide variety of sheet materials is our primary skill. Based on your individual requirements and our wide range of winding machines, we design the ideal winding process for your material.

Whether it is nonwovens, textiles, technical textiles, paper, sensitive membranes, glass fabrics, rubber, rigid films, glass fibers or carbon fibers - we have the know-how to wind these materials reliably.

Menzel developed a large-diameter jaw system with specially designed center winders that is able to wind rolls with a diameter of up to 2 meters optimally. This can be realized on special stationary winding racks as well as on mobile docking carriages (Dockenböcke). To name but a few, the advantages of this system are long running times and short changeover times.

We provide winding machines for large batches as a system with manual reel change up to fully automatic reel change. Of course, our winders can also be equipped with slitters. The available cutting methods include shear cut, blade cut, crush cut, burst cut or ultrasonic cut.

In addition to standard winders, we also supply winding systems tailored to your materials and requirements. We will be happy to advise you!

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